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FORBIDDEN ZONE: LIVE IN THE 6TH DIMENSION is the live stage-musical adaptation of the 1982 cult film classic scored by Danny Elfman and directed by Richard Elfman.

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She's fun, and seems to always know what the audience wants to hear.

Other guests may truly be a 'nightmare' But Lauri's my #1 "dreamgirl! In fact, over the holidays I re-ran your first appearance in the "Best of" and still got a lot of phone calls.

Director Scott Leggett previously directed Padraic Duffy's BEAVERQUEST!

at Sacred Fools, a critically-acclaimed original rock musical about the forbidden love between a bunny and the last living beaver, which earned Scott an L. Weekly Award nomination for Best Direction of a Musical. While we are staying faithful to the tone and overall plot and characters, this is an adaptation. ) Other than that, we've been given a wide berth...

Sacred Fools was named among the Best Theater Companies of the Decade by the L. Weekly's Steven Leigh Morris, and was recently nominated for sixteen L. Weekly Awards - more than any other theater in Los Angeles!

FORBIDDEN ZONE: LIVE IN THE 6TH DIMENSION closes the Fools' 13th season.Thanks for being a class act...forward to having you on again sometime .Sincerely, Many people saw the Discovery Health special including producers in Hollywood and now I am working on my own TV show called The Dream Detective with In Motion Entertainment in California.I know I enjoyed it..above all, I appreciate your energy.We interview so many interesting people, celebrities and many lack any energy at all..on radio, high, positive energy really translates and "prints through"...Imagine "Alice in Wonderland" filtered through a surrealistic cartoon lens complete with sex, demons and talking chickens.

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