Yoochun dating

We all know Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung are both power acts in their own right, but we never knew how awesome these two could be together.

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– Yoochun’s ideal type: Yoochun said he looks at the girl’s face first although his parents have to first approve the girl before dating.

This was one military enlistment that I was hoping wouldn’t end, and certainly was quite disappointed that it took on the same scandal-plagued enlistment of another idol-actor Kim Hyun Joong.

"Also I apparently have a shopping mall hahaha I didn't even know that! I really want to become a shopping mall owner hahahah I've never run a shopping mall before.

These articles are not true, it's so surprising," Hana denying the report. She was tagged as a childish and even In another Instagram post, Hana said that she wants the reporters to leave her alone.

"I knew she'd open her account again, how could the social media princess live without social media," one of them quipped.

"Someone already predicted that she'd be back on social media and posting videos of her spinning around in skirts," another added.The young socialite deleted her Instagram account following their breakup rumors, but she returned to the photo-sharing platform on Thursday, July 27.Fans who previously believed that the couple really split took this as a sign that they had started dating again.Yoochun’s lawyers sued them for defamation and blackmail.On January 17, 2017, the Soul Court decided that they are guilty."Yoochun has been engaged to a non-celebrity woman and will be getting married in the fall.

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