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Every time the data is pushed, the time stamp is updated so that the next push will not occur until a pre-defined duration has elapsed.

I put together a demo app which shows how to do this.

There is no need to connect it, as this works via reflection, the only code you have to write is the notification that a property has been changed.

This could save some duplicating of code if you already have a method that does the transformation (for example builds a name or address string from its components) while still having the update triggered when any component changes.

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is slated for becoming the next GUI toolkit for Windows (superseding Win32, MFC and Windows Forms).

In the demo, the rapidly changing data source is called Random Number Engine.

It has a public property named Current, which returns a random number. When the value changes, the Property Changed event is raised so that the binding system will attempt to push that new value into a Text Block in the UI.

You need this spell only if you expect parent's data context to change during the life of the parent.

Context Menu Data (21K): Visual Studio 2010 solution I created a simple sample that illustrates the problem.

Unlike the others, WPF does not base on Win32 at all, but works on Direct X, providing features like fully vector-based rendering.

WPF has a lot of features, however, in this example we'll look at a particularly nice one: Data Binding.

Suppose that you have a data source where a property’s value changes very rapidly, perhaps several dozen times per second.

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