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Some identify French Canada as only those parts that are predominantly (or exclusively) Francophone.

Because Québec is unique from Canada in that French is the sole official language of the Province, and because it's culture reflects so strongly its French roots, there is considerable debate among Canadians regarding the status of Québec.

Separating from Canada strongly dominates politics and thinking.

New France was established as an official province under King Louis XIV.

King Louis' colonization of "New France" truly is at the root of the strong French culture predominantly found in Québec today.

Essentially, Québec was originally settled by French explorer Jacques Cartier.

He is credited with being the first to arrive and he attempted to establish a French colony in Québec City.There is also the world famous Ice Palace, Bonhomme (a symbol of goodwill towards all), not to mention an International Snow Sculpting Event.Suffice it to say that Carnaval is huge, and you really cannot say you've truly experienced all of Québec culture without attending at least one Carnaval in your lifetime.In fact, the winter carnaval began as a period before Lent where the people could indulge in revelry of every kind before committing to fasting and praying.Over the years it has been reinvented such that now this two week long celebration generally has sports, ice sculpting and snow sculpting, competitions and various other aspects that reflect life in Québec.The official Holidays of Québéc are as follows: Other holidays include Thanksgiving, (which in Canada is celebrated the second Monday in October), New Year's, and of course Christmas and Easter.

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