Why men play dating games

Plus sometimes my roommates would be horrified by my clothing choices(it needed to be feminine) and had input into what I should wear.

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I always figured if a guy liked me he'd call/ask me out/or want to spend time with me.

Maybe NT women are different though but I never noticed any game playing....

Your willingness to lovingly, but firmly, confront someone on what they have clearly been doing may help them to stop a game they may not even know their playing.

But just remember this: don’t simply listen to what they say, watch what they do.

Often the reasons why these things happen sometimes is called game playing.

WHY WOMEN PLAY GAME Women will often play games with men on the dating field.

They are trying to see if you will then initiate the next move to make the interaction go further.

So next time if a girl talks to you at a bar or any place and seems to show interest or is seeming to mess with your mind, understand it is probably not because they don't like you but it's the opposite.

All of this comes from a low self-esteem and an unawareness of how they hurt others. Sadly, many people have very little insight into what they are doing and why. You don’t have to be a victim of another person’s lack of consideration for others. Other times people play with your mind in an attempt to find out how you feel about them.

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