Who is zoe saldana dating now

The three siblings grew up very close while Saldana studied a variety of dance forms at ECOS Espacio de Danza Academy, developing a particular fondness for ballet.

Zoe and Coop have known each other a few years and worked together on a film called The Words in Montreal this past summer.

Many are assuming then that what they have now was ignited on the set.

Trying to find a girlfriend comes from the same playbook. The Words was Zoe in a contemporary setting without the supernatural for a change.

But it’s not like Bradley Cooper isn’t getting work. There’s no question that the strategy is to find more of that, to build a more well-rounded, varied career.

“I was finally able to spend time without being in a relationship and even though it was a short period of time, it was beautiful,” she says. It was like I found all my answers with him not in him.

I was finding answers on my own.” Saldana, 36, quietly married Italian artist Marco Perego in June 2013.

She was also later featured in the 2008 thriller , which would go on to become the world's highest-grossing film.

Director James Cameron used performance capture technology to create Saldana's computer-generated character, driven by her bodily movements and facial expressions in a studio setting.

She has appeared in Calvin Klein lingerie commercials, in which she's performed monologues offering tidbits on vulnerability, mystery and strength.

She's also appeared as a spokesperson for Avon, and modeled with her sisters in a Gap print ad and Saldana was reportedly romantically linked with Cooper after her relationship ended with longtime boyfriend, actor Keith Britton, with whom she partnered to found the website for My Fashion Database.

Right out the gate there was a protest, then he himself addressed the protest, and, well it’s debatable if he was even the first choice. The girl stars in the highest grossing movie of all time AND the acclaimed Star Trek reboot and still she only worked once in 2011.

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