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Johnson's Instagram account details a great deal of their affection for one another: The amount of support they show for each other is remarkable (or unremarkable, depending on how you interpret relationships).According to that ESPN article, Johnson once sat behind Duke's bench during Suggs' games wearing UNC practice clothes, but refuses to wear Blue Devil gear at least until after he graduates. Ultimately, it's just nice to see love transcend all boundaries on a day of hatred.

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One thing that made it a little difficult, though, was how often my family had to move.

For as long as I can remember, my dad has worked as a commodities trader, which required our family to move a lot. Just recently my parents moved again — hopefully their last stop for a while.

Which is why I valued — and still value — the close relationships I have with my friends and family. If you play a sport, you win games and you lose games. But that loss — losing in that way, in the final game, right after Marcus’s game-tying three — is burned into us. We’ve been together for a couple of years now, and I’ve been blessed by God to have her in my life. He made me realize how special it was to be a student at North Carolina.

When you move around a bunch, you need a tight inner circle of people you can rely on. A lot of people might be wondering how a homeschooler got recruited to a program like UNC, but what I went through really wasn’t that different from what anybody else experiences. Those emotions have been with all of us since last spring. She’s an incredible person — she’s set to graduate from Florida a year early! She’s taught me the importance of humility and has made me realize how meaningful it is to be a good friend. And to think, all those years ago I was just a kid trying to get Coach’s attention at a basketball camp.

But other than those differences, school for me usually ended around the same time that the public schools let out.

And I did what most kids did after school — hung with my friends, played basketball, watched TV, that kind of stuff.

Irondale police investigating possible threat at Shades Valley High School-my son goes to JCIB, the magnet school attached to Shades Valley-praying this isn’t true.

People who do threats online should be arrested even if joking.

He was yelling at us, imploring us to push as hard as we could. And that’s when I realized something that was eye-opening: I needed UNC way more than UNC needed me.

Coach blew his whistle — and I’ll never forget what happened next. We all turned to him, expecting him to call out names for a scrimmage or something. Before practice ended, I remember looking up at the ACC title banners hanging from the rafters of the Dean Smith Center. It’s true that every home-school program is a little different. But there are a couple of stereotypes that I gotta debunk — like the assumption that we barely go to school, or that we get to do our schoolwork in pajamas, or that we have all the time in the world for just chilling or playing video games.

But UNC's leading scorer, senior Brice Johnson, and freshman Faith Suggs, a guard on the Duke women's basketball team, seem to have to taken things to a new level.

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