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Lamman has a very tall height of six feet and three inches with a perfect body and good looks.

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Jilly clearly isn't letting her recent divorce keep her down. awwww thats my man, and he has ben on my radar for about 6 years now ... It's typical for stars of a successful film to appear at events together especially when requested through there publicist, doesn't automatically mean there a "Couple"! May GOD smile down on you and grant you the desires of your hearts. It's not hating when you have seen someone look better looking just ok or so-so. I remember Lamman from As The World Turns where he portrayed Marshall Travers. In September of 06 had gastric bypass surgery and dropped 170 lbs. I too am waiting, but not worried for that special someone.

I knew she and Lamman had much more on-screen chemistry going on than the typical on screen duo. wow im happy for them, they make a great looking couple, and im alway down for tall sexy men loving plus size women!! club cushions baby This is 4 Lexyb: I hope i'm not disrespecting U by saying U R beautiful. SOooooo, B gr8-ful 2 GOD, 'cause U would have more problems w/people wanting 2 B around U & U would not B able 2 show your face if U were better looking than what U R.[/quote] Newsflash! I hope i'm not disrespecting U by saying U R beautiful. SOooooo, B gr8-ful 2 GOD, 'cause U would have more problems w/people wanting 2 B around U & U would not B able 2 show your face if U were better looking than what U R. Jill Is a beautiful women you go Lamman you landing a beautiful Queen. That hair style is not flattering on her, and I'm not hating, cuz I'm natural too. It seems like her marriage really went south, so it's good to see that she's found someone else. I was really feeling the post-break-up Jill Scott, though. Not all about the same love songs that everybody tries to make. Was glad to see him in Tyler Perry's Movie and his and Jill's storyline made the movie for me. And I feel great, but what I didn't realize at the time, no matter the weight loss, I was still who I was if you get me. I found someone to work on in the meantime, and that's me. » India Love - The Most Popular IG Model You Might Not Know - Released A Whole Rap Video And Black Twitter Is Black Twitter'ing» The Black Delegation Reminds Omarosa We're Not 'Her People' After She 'Resigned' From The White House (But Supposedly Was FIRED & DRAGGED Out!

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Similarly, in the year 2007, the short film The Commission, I’m Through with White Girls and Why Did I Get Married was released.

Likewise from the year 2008 to 2010, every year Lamman acted in at least two movies.

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