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Although none were hits, Depp was right to be proud.

He told interviewers that he just wasn’t a “blockbuster boy.” He thought of himself, he said, as a musician — and he remains one, performing in the Alice Cooper–led “supergroup” Hollywood Vampires.

It helped that he couldn’t compete with Pacino in the scenery-chewing department — no one can.

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It was a tender, marvelously designed film, and also a monument to — and justification for — Burton’s morbid self-pity.

In Depp, he found a dream alter ego: not some nerdy misfit who had freakishness thrust upon him but a beautiful young man who could have passed for “straight” and chose to cultivate his inner freak.

It was with the crazy, lazy Brando, who skipped (often entertainingly, but still …) along the surface of his roles. Thompson at his most alcoholic and paranoid, his brain addled by years of amphetamines.

So Depp was inspired by men who indulged their appetites (or, as therapists say these days, “self-medicated”) to the point where they became cartoons of themselves.

Although the latest, dire Pirates film made a billion dollars worldwide, his Jack Sparrow feels played out.

He was a clownish Barnabas Collins in Burton’s camp travesty Dark Shadows.

And, of course, one role did finally make him a “blockbuster boy” after all: Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, in which his marvelously tipsy, swishy shtick recalls both Brando’s foppish Fletcher Christian and another of Depp’s role models, Keith Richards.

(Although Richards has never lost his musical chops, the history of rock and roll is littered with the corpses of musicians who emulated him without having his superhuman constitution.) Depp’s fortunes have shifted in the past few years.

He argued that this made his acting more spontaneous.

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