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She would always hang out with girls, but then she would get in trouble.

She says that she felt more comfortable around women, than with the boys in the locker room.

“I was in a gelato place with a guy who didn’t know I was on America’s Next Top Model.

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She convinced her mother to let her dress up like her, and made it seem like it was her mother's idea. Though everyone laughed at Isis, she continued to strut.

Although, (while still male) she came out as gay in high school, Isis felt it wasn't an accurate orientation.

Isis did this, because she knew that she would never get an opportunity like this ever again.

(But, she would next cycle.) During the time that Tyra was editing film, she was drawn to Isis in the background.

She winked back and she didn’t say anything, but it was just perfect – it was the first time it ever worked out that way.” But things still didn’t work out for King and this prospective partner, and she worries that living in New York will make the search even harder.

“I don’t know if I’m going to find it here because it is such a fast paced city.She convinced her mother's boyfriend to buy her a female action-figure (Xena) though she wanted Storm.When Isis was 14, her mother had a Halloween costume party.In the same year, Isis began hormone replacement surgery to transition into a woman.Isis was first seen during Cycle 10, during the homeless shoot. The actual models of the cycle were dressed as homeless girls, and the homeless girls were dressed in haute couture.Tyra even said that Isis' poses were better than the actual girls' poses.

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