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The episodes include short dramatizations of the life of Tutankhamun.Tutankhamun vanished from history in 1324 BC following his hurried burial and the erasure of his name from all monuments.

The first two episodes explored the work of Howard Carter and his archaeological quest in Egypt in the early part of the twentieth century.

The next two episodes focused on the eccentric explorer "The Great Belzoni" played here by Matthew Kelly.

This was a huge project shot on location in Egypt and, as with any project of such scale, we had contingency funds available to us - so the unavoidable overspend was accommodated for and fully authorised." "I think it's useful to point out that the cost per hour of Egypt will still be lower than other comparable programmes such as Pompeii, Genghis Khan and Pyramid.

In fact, due to the international co-financing, this is actually incredibly good value for money providing full period drama for the budget normally associated with a documentary." A companion series Egyptian Journeys with Dan Cruickshank, in which architectural historian Cruickshank travels the country to explore some of the intriguing stories that have emerged from ancient Egypt, was broadcast concurrently on BBC Two.

In 1922 Carter goes to the Egyptian Antiquities Service in Cairo to announce his discovery but disagrees with Director Pierre Lacau over the clearance and cataloguing of the contents.

The discovery revealed a dark time in the history of Egypt and the death of its boy king.As the finds are slowly catalogued and removed Carter becomes close to Canarvon's daughter Evelyn but his strictness begins to alienate his team.Tutankhamun was married to his own sister but the union failed to produce an heir to secure the future of the kingdom.Stories of the curse begin to circulate as Carter breaks through into the burial chamber to reveal an intact tomb.As Lacau threatens to take over the excavation and several of the experts quit Canarvon questions Carter over his leadership and his relationship with Evelyn.The Carnarvons return to Egypt at the end of the war and Carter recommences his excavation but with a continued lack of results leading to doubts that any undiscovered tombs are left in the valley the funding is finally cut in 1922.

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