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When I looked into it, I noticed that he couldn't publish that book in Canada or the UK because the libel laws are so much stricter than ours.And so when I asked about it, they're like, "Oh yeah, there's basically like 200 lies in the book and so in England and in Canada he couldn't even publish that book." Anyone can say anything about anything. If you're going to write something and you don't ask the people who actually do it, then what's the fucking point?

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It's officially the season of giving — and Netflix is getting in the spirit by giving us a cornucopia of can't miss titles!

The streaming site announced a festive batch of movies and TV series set to hit the queue in December, though one new release couldn't come at a worse time.

There was some person who worked at some small church in San Diego who wrote his name and then wrote "Church of Scientology" on Prop.

8, which is the most fucked up thing I've ever fucking heard.

On the anniversary of Dianetics, they'll talk about, you know, what countries are now having places that deliver Dianetics. If you can't afford to go sit in a room and have someone who's trained in that course give you the lessons and help you study and learn it, then I don't know what to say. You could argue how expensive college is and then the debt for the next 10 years -- and then how often do you use all of that information?

So there's stuff like that, where it's just sort of like updates on what's happening in the world, but nothing really more than that. I feel like I got the better end of the deal on that one. You will not find a Scientologist who does not fucking hate psychiatrists.

And the thing is, I'm sure there are tons and tons of amazing human beings who are psychologists or psychiatrists.

But it's like, if you study that man is an animal and nothing more than that, and you basically have this fuckin' manual that has, what, 5,000 disorders in it, that you just bill your insurance company -- "Oh, you have PMS disorder, you have caffeine-addict disorder, you have mathematics disorder; here, take Prozac" -- what the fuck is that?

It's like what I said earlier: "Oh my god, I'm so thirsty." "OK cool, go drink water. There's books and lectures and whatnot, and then there's the stuff in Dianetics, which is the auditing, which is basically going through painful incidents in one's life and erasing them so that they don't upset you. There's the two different avenues of Scientology and there's nothing else. He basically spent his entire life studying every great religion, found everything that worked, found things that didn't work, took the stuff that worked, started like questioning it and grilling it and drilling it, going over and over until he could find the things that worked every time, guaranteed. Everyone thinks he's the founder of a philosophy that we all agree with, basically, and he was a hell of a lot smarter than I was, 'cause I couldn't come up with this stuff.

That's your solution." And everything basically in Scientology is like, "Here's a problem; OK cool, here's something you can study that will help you find the solution to that problem." There's nothing more to it. He's a fucking guy who wrote awesome shit that I love studying. And he was like, "Holy shit, here's a new discovery I've just made. " Everyone goes and studies and checks it out and they're like, "Yeah, actually that does make sense and it does work." And he's like, "Cool, let me try and check into this." And he'd just like go through all these avenues and basically came up with his discoveries and wrote the book Dianetics in the 1950, which was his research into the mind. Yeah, the special occasions which are anniversaries of things, but then they'll basically like, on LRH's brithday, there'll be an event where they talk about the things that've happened in the past year.

I grew up just sort of like, "Oh, if you're thirsty, drink water. " And you're like, "Yeah, OK, that makes sense." And that was pretty much the basis of my reality as a child. Just what every religion would have in terms of like, "Be good to thy neighbor," that kind of thing.

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