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Hill was summoned to give her testimony in front of the committee, and as chairman, Biden oversaw this hearing.

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And now, 26 years after the original incident, Biden is speaking out about what he could have done better in that hearing.

Like with almost all cases of sexual harassment allegations against a politician, things were — well, what else? Since Thomas was nominated by a Republican president, Republicans wanted Thomas to be confirmed.

Joe Biden has said he wished he had done more for Anita Hill in 1991 when she testified against the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, claiming he sexually harassed her.

'I wish I had been able to do more for Anita Hill,' the former Vice President told Teen Vogue.'I owe her an apology.' Biden was chair of the Senate of the Senate Judiciary Committee when Hill testified that Thomas, her former boss, sexually harassed her.

"The reason I didn't, I was worried they would come and not corroborate what she said and make — I mean, Clarence Thomas only won by two votes.

And we still thought we had a chance at beating him." Biden is speaking about this now because, amid all of the allegations, he recognizes that public perception of sexual harassment and assault needs to change.When he was first appointed, Anita Hill spoke in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, urging Thomas not to be placed on the Supreme Court and alleging he sexually harassed her. 'And I insisted the next election - I campaigned for two women senators on the condition that if they won they could come on the Judiciary Committee, so there would never again be all men making a judgment on this.'Thomas, who is widely considered the most conservative member of the court, was ultimately confirmed and still serves on it to this day.She is pictured in 1992 during one of the hearings She spoke forward and urged the committee not to allow him to be placed on the Supreme Court. Throughout the testimony her character and trustworthiness were brought into question and attacked by those on the panel - and many have blamed Biden for not doing more to prevent that.Hill alleged to members of the committee during her testimony that Thomas frequently spoke about the size of women's breasts, which members of the committee then said was 'not too bad,' according to the Washington Post.She has rejected Biden's prior public apologies and said he doesn't fully understand his 'ownership' of the hearings.'He doesn't understand that it wasn't just that I felt it was not fair,' she told the Post in a recent interview.“I’ve gotten asked by press a lot of the last 23 years, how will I know when I’ve succeeded.

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