Vmware snapshots not consolidating

In that case the solution is damn simple, migrate the virtual machine using either cold migration to another datastore or Storage v Motion.

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2015-03-05T.112Z| vcpu-0| I120: AIOMGR: AIOMgr_Open With Retry: Descriptor file '/vmfs/volumes/0025909bfda0/Win VM/Win VM-flat.vmdk' locked (try 0) Looking at the typical patterns within the datastore all files of the base disks are there and a dozen of files showing the different snapshots made.

As a backup software was running there are a couple of snapshot files there but not all show up as the base disk is pretending to be locked so many broken or inconsistent snapshot are the result.

-u sorts by and shows access time When you run the command it will basically execute ‘ls’ with the above parameters every 2 seconds and any changes that occur with updated time or size differences will be highlighted.

The task timing out from the v Shpere Client is actually expected. Note: In the case of snapshot consolidation, even though the VI Client timeout occurs, the operation on the ESX host is still running.

[row narrowcontent=”true” padding=”both” paddingtype=”small” animation=”fade In Up”] Finding VMware snapshots can already be a nasty and difficult task as some of these hidden or just hard to find as the v Sphere environment is pretty large.

Therefore it’s important to have scripts, reports and tools like Snapwatcher or opvizor Health Analyzer to get an idea about the current situation in your environment.

From VMware KB 1025279 The title of the KB is “Best practices for virtual machine snapshots in the VMware environment”.

Here is the important bullet point from that KB: Most of the time I see the removal task take a while, when the snapshot (delta) file is huge.

When checking the VM and creating new snapshots, all works well. Normally you would expect a locked file message also when starting the VM.

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