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Fears and values of those who search online for love show some interesting facts.

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You can go to a ballgame, shopping at a virtual mall, or visit an art gallery; all this is done to see if you click as a dating couple.

It sounds a little confusing but the positive aspect behind this virtual dating is that if you do decide to meet the person in the real world, you've already spent some quality time with them and gotten to know him or her.

There's also a man, floating there with me, dressed casually in a T-shirt and pants.

In front of me, a brilliant shooting star soars across the galaxy.

It is designed for those people, who have met a real person online through a social media site, to get better acquainted before committing to an actual live date.

If you've met someone online, and exchanged some witty texts and so forth, do you know what he or she is really like? Before you commit to meeting in the flesh, invite them to spend an hour or two in a VR Dating simulator. You can invite the real online connection to spend time in your virtual condo or go to a virtual hotspot.

He's smiling and pointing to a space shuttle docking next to us, his eyes wide with excitement.

We chat while taking in the the endless expanse of stars surrounding us.

Its competitors are also free, like Altspace VR, whose eponymous service promises experiences like virtual comedy clubs, games with other users, mazes and art galleries.

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