Videotaping can be intimidating for some participants

Several of these strategies may apply to your community’s particular problem.It is critical that you tailor responses to local circumstances, and that you can justify each response based on reliable analysis.In most cases, an effective strategy will involve implementing several different responses.

[26] The most effective responses to the problem of street prostitution rely heavily on social services for prostitutes to encourage their permanent exit from the street.

Police must work closely with service providers to ensure the various enforcement- and treatment-based responses are well-coordinated.

You should consider a few general principles when developing your response strategy.

Which particular responses you adopt should depend on what you learn from a careful analysis of your local problem.

In the event that women working the streets are abducted or go missing, police have a photograph, fingerprints, DNA sample, and physical description to use when investigating the disappearance.

This effort greatly improved relations between police and prostitutes by demonstrating police concern for prostitutes’ safety.

[59] Obviously, some people will object to police efforts to protect prostitutes, believing that doing so condones prostitution.

Clients are generally more easily deterred than prostitutes.

[60] Almost any form of official or community intervention in clients’ behavior is sufficient to deter most clients from patronizing street prostitutes, at least at a particular location.

This offers some justification for focusing responses on clients.

[55] Although these programs do not necessarily persuade many prostitutes to quit, they are essential for those motivated to do so, and they can be effective in reducing some of the risks to street prostitutes, such as sexually transmitted disease and assault.

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