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"It's going to impact a lot of different things, like what happens in the kitchen, and whether or not there will be any meat allowed in the house … "Having a like-minded partner just takes away a lot of those potential difficult situations." Veg Speed Date holds dating events for vegans and vegetarians across North America.Georgia Jardine says her diet caused some conflict when she first started dating her boyfriend, Ethan Munro — she's vegan, but he likes to hunt.Oh, we'll figure it out.' That was my ignorance." Despite his heartbreak, Poon is philosophical about his experience.

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"Essentially, cheese became the other woman," he said.

"I felt like I was cheating on her with food, which was a challenge because that erodes the trust in a relationship." Psychologist Jeannine Crofton knows about vegan/meat eater relationships first-hand.

"Seven years later and a breakup, turns out we didn't work it out." Poon's eating habits caused tension in the relationship right from the start.

"I remember, I was cooking chicken and she said, 'You know, the chicken's name could have been Mark.' And so that was a challenging first year." During the second year of the relationship, Poon tried to go vegan, but had a hard time stopping himself from eating meat and dairy when he was working long hours at the hospital, or out with friends.

So if it came down to it, I'd probably choose my happy marriage," he said.

As for David Poon, he said he agreed with the ideology behind his partner's veganism.

But he found giving up meat and cheese harder than he anticipated.

"I think a large portion of the problem was nostalgia," he said.

But assuming you’re omnivorous, this shouldn’t pose a culinary problem for you, because you eat everything, right?

The polite (and strategic) thing to do is a bit of research on a couple of vegetarian restaurants, but be prepared to let them take the lead on suggesting a place.

"Conflicts don't get out of hand unless they breach somebody's moral views," she said.

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