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For testing it's a good idea to create self signed certificate that you can use both for signing and validating.For quick review: When signing a document you'll use a Private key to sign a portion of the the document and embed a signature into the document.

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In any case, my overall experience with this situation has been very frustrating. The problem is that you can't distinguish between "acceptable" warnings generated while reading a conforming ".xml" file (warnings I can safely ignore), and those that really need to be treated as errors (normally because you're dealing with a non-conforming ".xml" file).

You can also use a DTD to verify your own data." On 2007-01-12 -0600, Fo**********@said: validate that the file they enter is valid. To validate an ".xml" file, do you normally install its ".xsd" file for this purpose, assuming you don't need it for anything else.

unfortunately you have to reference the schema somewhere in the xml you're validating. = " this will make sure you validate against your schema regardless of whether there's another one in the xml.

one possible solution is to load the xml you're validating into a Xml Document object, manually add the xmlns attribute to the Document Element and validate the xml document.

That does appear to be the correct solution but it still doesn't trap an invalid ".xml" file for some reason. Write Xml()" and later prompt my users for the name of the filein order to read it back in again (using "Data Set. In any case, perhaps one of the "Read Xml()" overloads you suggested does throw an exception but not the version I've been using all along (it doesn't). I originally thought it would be reported as an error but apparently not.

Xml Exception" if they enter anon-XML file, a valid XML file results in no exception even though theschema may be completely incorrect (if they enter some random XML file onthe system that is). Try something like: Data Set ds = new Data Set("Test DS"); Xml Reader Settings xrs = new Xml Reader Settings(); xrs. After several hours mucking with this I'm at a loss to explain it. Problems are also reported as warnings and not errors which I find counter-intuitive.

I think this is rather crude but will work fine for xml documents that aren't too big. Validate without having to save the modified xml, you might want to do that. Its intuitive dashboards are customizable, so you can create systems that work for you.

With’s project management tool, you can see what everyone on your team is working in a single glance.

I'mstill looking into it but I'm fairly new to XML and so it's a learningprocess. I'm not sure what the accepted protocol is however .

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