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These children are often labelled dyslexic or SEN (with special educational needs).Not a bit of it: what they are is, to borrow an American acronym, ABT — ain’t being taught'' So it is mainly the middle class children - whose parents believe government propaganda about improving schools, or who buy poor-quality private schooling in the sad belief that the writing of a cheque guarantees quality teaching - who get involved in the great 'dyslexia' fantasy. The 'dyslexia' lobby persuades them that it is their children who are at fault. Mc Guinness' critique of Goswami's TES article on 'dyslexia' across different languages. abstract_id=1829302 RTI: Response to Intervention or Really Terrible Instruction?Researchers Geva and Siegel studied the word recognition skills of a large group of Canadian children from primarily English-speaking homes attending a bilingual English-Hebrew day school. Accuracy of decoding Hebrew in Grade1 (79%) already matched the level achieved in English in Grade 5 (78).

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I’ve seen plenty of kids from affluent families,...

pupils at private schools, the 4x4 parked in the drive.

This is why so many people willingly co-operate in their own victimhood.

Distinguishing cause from effect – many deficits associated with developmental dyslexia may be a consequence of reduced and suboptimal reading experience’ dyslexia pandemic: a tale of blame and no blame.

Otherwise, some type of genetic abnormality would be specific to people who learn an English alphabet code and be absent in people who live in countries with a transparent alphabet, where poor readers are rare.

A disorder entirely tied to a particular alphabetic writing system is patently absurd and has no scientific basis.

The British Psychological Society's definition of dyslexia Unfortunately, when utilised for the purposes of dyslexia diagnosis or research, RTI is as imprecise and as questionable as all the other forms of assessment and 'therein lies the rub': Without an internationally agreed " diagnosis and empirical research cannot take place.

This means, of course, that ALL past (and present) research that used the IQ-achievement discrepancy definition to select 'dyslexic' subjects is null and void, as is research based on any of the other many definitions -see When reading literature claiming that ''dyslexics‟ exhibit this or that symptom, or behaviour, it obviously behoves us to ascertain how the sample of ''dyslexics‟ was arrived at – how were they diagnosed.

medical-sounding terms are more successful memes than the descriptive terms because they convey a spurious sense of explanation, with foreign and medical-sounding labels lending some gravity to the situation..are treated seriously and gain public recognition and research funding'), was used as the basis for all diagnosis and research on the subject.

It was eventually discredited: ''(T)here is little evidence that the long-term development of poor readers who are IQ–achievement discrepant is substantially different to that of poor readers who are not IQ–achievement discrepant, nor does IQ–achievement discrepancy reliably distinguish between those who are difficult to remediate and those who are more easily remediated.

Consequently, IQ–achievement discrepancy is no longer the bedrock for identification of LD in the US (or of dyslexia in the UK, for that matter)'' The definition has 'no exclusionary criteria'.

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