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Evergreen recommended the appropriate designation/job classification for all positions, with written documentation in support of each of the recommendations.Evergreen’s consultants collected the appropriate information required to make a fair and reasonable determination for each of the selected positions, and made classification and compensation recommendations for those positions.At the time of the study, VBCPS was the fourth largest school system in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with 86 schools and centers serving over 68,000 students.

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Evergreen Solutions was selected by Miami-Dade County Public Schools to assist in evaluating the implementation and development of the 2014-15 Miami-Dade County Public Schools Police Department’s Youth Violence and Crime Reduction Initiative Justice Assistance Grant Program.

The evaluation will include pre- and post-assessments of the delivery of a state of the art workshop for students.

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with the Davis School District to conduct a Job Analysis, Classification, and Compensation Study.

Evergreen analyzed positions and write/revise job descriptions, as necessary, and made recommendations regarding FLSA exempt versus non-exempt status.

Evergreen was hired by Chatham Public Schools (CPS) to conduct a Comprehensive Salary Study targeted at building upon the strengths of the current compensation structure coupled with the analysis of market conditions and comparative data that assisted CPS in recruiting and retaining both certified and classified employees.

The study provided CPS enough information to develop a compensation structure that was responsive to their stated needs and addressed internal and external equity.

Evergreen will provide ongoing support in reviewing job descriptions for compensation classification.

Evergreen Solutions was engaged with Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) to conduct an Audit of Special Education.

Include the financial cost to the district, timelines, and an implementation strategy.

In the end, Evergreen will recommend employee compensation models that will be competitive with surrounding school divisions.

In addition to providing details on all findings, Evergreen developed recommendations to improve the operations and performance results of the special education program and student support services.

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