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Pisces men truly need to be with someone who recognizes that at times they need their space.

One drawback to dating a Pisces man is that you have to be witness to his ever changing moods.

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He wants and needs to have total and complete faith in your devotion to him, so give him that.

If you cheat on a Pisces and he discovers it, the relationship will be forever doomed.He never wants to worry about you being faithful to him.Loyalty is very high on the list of things a Pisces man finds crucial in his relationship. Even something that seems as insignificant as hiding your cell phone from him can be misconstrued as something suspicious by him.There are often times when he’ll pull back into his own sullenness and unless you understand how to deal with that correctly you’ll risk pushing him even farther away. Pushing him to talk or trying to trick him into spending time with you when he wants to be alone, will only alienate him.The best advice you can follow is to let him be and just focus on your own life and interests until the mood passes.If you are getting closer to a Pisces, you obviously want to do whatever you can to ensure that never changes.

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