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Installed release version: 1.7-release-danube-, node is currently upgrading2016-03-23 INFO upgrade_status:96 SVM 192.1 still needs to be upgraded.

Installed release version: 1.7-release-danube- It stucks at this step for while, more than an hour. We decided to reboot that CVM which currently upgrading manually, before we performed the reboot, we checked /home/nutanix/data/logs/It said "Install has already finished" Then we reboot it, it's still stuck .. We have checked the cluster status and we found all CVM has the new services such as Acropolis or Nutanix Guest Tools (I didn't see it before)9.

updating software please wait-5

Updated yesterday to fix the Stagefright bug on an SGH-I337M Samsung Galaxy S4, which I've only got for 1 month (new).

Basically, the rear camera only shows a black screen, with a pop-up stating "Updating camera firmware.

If all goes as planned, you should receive notification of a software update, (this will include the Stagefright patch).

Proceed with the update and see if the camera problem persists.

My latest hunch is that it was due to the Torch Light app, which uses the camera's flash as light source.

I uninstalled it, and for the moment, the problem seems to be gone.Please wait..." Cannot take pictures, and after a while, the camera app stops and the home screen is shown.I dialed *#34971539# to check the firmware version, and got the following: * rear camera Cam FW Ver: null * rear camera Phone FW Ver: O13F0LAGI02 * front camera Cam FW Ver: S5K6B2YX * front camera Phone FW Ver: S5K6B2YXThe "null" value looks weird, any idea how to fix this camera firmware issue?However since restarting the screen has said "Please wait" for almost 4 hours.The circle of dots chasing each other is next to the "Please wait" so it does not seem frozen (and I haven't received an error message), but is it normal for it to take hours on end to reboot fully after installing Windows Updates on a new laptop???The reason I'm suggesting you install a previous version of Android and not a current firmware revision is because I'm assuming the camera worked prior to the update.

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