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Please weigh these things carefully and decide whether you wish to use Pidgin Mercurial for a good reason which furthers the community, or for selfish reasons which are not entirely important. Check with your distributions package manager for the exact package name. Without this package, it only allows you to report idleness based on when you last sent a message.

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These old Pidgin and GTK versions are unmaintained and will have bugs that won't be fixed. The reason being that in order to use Pidgin on Mac OS X, you need to install GTK and other libraries, which we are not prepared to support.

You can either compile Pidgin (and its dependencies) yourself, or you can use the fink installer available from is provided by the gtkspell package.

It is better for the community if an enterprising individual wishing to fix a particular bug [s]he has seen can get to the code and create a patch, even if this means that some users have to wait a few weeks for the next release to see what new features it might hold.

The third point is not a problem which has yet come up, but it is in the back of the mind of the developers who bring you Pidgin.

If configure is succeeding, but make fails, this is harder to diagnose and you will probably want to drop by the IRC channel or XMPP conference listed on Pidgin Community to get help.

You need to install the development headers; these are the -dev packages. See FAQssl If you compiled the new version yourself, it's likely you had a distribution package (RPM, deb, ebuild, etc.) installed prior to building but did not remove it.Alternatively, you can download and use the "offline" version of the installer, which is a larger download, but can install the GTK Runtime without downloading it separately. The configure scripts that ship with the official releases are unfortunately incompatible with the linker on this system, but by checking the tag out of version control and running you will end up with a usable build tree.The last version of Pidgin that will run on Windows 98/ME is standalone GTK 2.6.10 runtime installer and install it separately before installing Pidgin. The signature for the tarball and bzip2 archive are provided by separate downloads. Make sure to configure without the GTK and GLib tests, as well as without the X screensaver extension. Yes you can, but we do not provide a package for it.If a few dozen people are using this buggy client, the IM providers are not likely to go out of their way to do anything about it.However, if hundreds of people are pointing an ill-behaved client at an IM server, the server administrators may be forced to take action.The installer will, if necessary, download and install the GTK Runtime (which is needed for Pidgin to run).

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