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When you run Webupdater it'll look to see if there's any updates for itself first, so click next and let it get on with it.Then attach your Garmin and you should see a screen like on the left. After chatting to the Garmin server for a few minutes you should end up at a screen like this. So every month or so flash up Webupdater - start button, programs, Garmin, Webupdater, plug in your GPS and keep your unit up to date.If it's working ok, and you've got nothing to worry about, why not just leave it?

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Please explain in simple terms as I am not a boffin. Have just bought Garmin 250 and expected to see SD card included!

I know the Tom Tom comes with maps etc loaded on SD. Almost all GPS now come with the maps loaded onto the internal memory.

My Nuvi 200 has the latest operating system, so its just asking me if I want to install some of the newer languages, which if I did I'd just tick the ones I wanted, then next. To find out whether you've got the latest maps on your Garmin, nip on over to their Map Update Page.

Type in your units serial number to see if any newer maps are available. Just because there isn't an update doesn't mean you can't do your bit to make Garmin maps more accurate.

How do i go about updating these maps and what equipment do i need to do it.

Do i need a computer,or i have to purchase a SD card already preloaded with a updated map.One of the most important reasons to update is reliability.If you do have a problem with your GPS and phone for support they may well ask if you've downloaded the latest update, and it saves a lot of time if you already have. One of the most useful things you can do first is take advantage of Garmin's free Speed Camera trial.I have purchased the Garmin Map Update 2008 (City Navigator Europe NT) on DVD and will copy this to SD card - do I simply put the SD card into the unit and the maps will be there for Europe? I know the 250w is an entry level Sat Nav but bit disappointed with the only the single Via Point available for planning a trip. I would be grateful if you could let me know how i load the maps when i arrive in Sicily. Also, I noticed that the GPS received its first satallite connection on 1st April 2007. Is it some sort of test done on the unit at the manufacturing site or is it something I should be concerned of?Just wondered if anyone has had experience with the Garmin Roadtrip Editor for Mac. I have done a map upgrade check on the Garmin website and it comes up with the Garmin city 2008 Europe updates. Is it not possible to buy just the UK upgrades for a reduced price, because £60 for maps I am not going to use is just a waste. I have bought a new Nuvi 250W, I have registered it and have tried to check to see if any d/loads are available, I have also downloaded the pc program to make this possible, but when connected the program does not seem to find the device ? I bought a Nuvi 250 today with a holiday in the Algarve, Portugal at the end of October, in mind. Do i just put the SD card in the slot and away it goes or am i being simple? I'm thinking of buying either the nuvi 200w or nuvi 250 from Amazon, which seem to have quite good prices at the moment(Sept 2008). Also, do you think the widescreen version is really significantly better, or any easier to use in the car ( my eyesight is not 20/20 anymore)? Not really, but if you go into the settings and route preferences you can ask it to avoid u-turns and unpaved roads. We just bought a Garmin Nuvi 200 from Tennessee only to find out that it has maps for the lower 48 states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, and none for Canada, which is where we live. I think you can only get the Canada maps as part of the whole City Navigator NT DVD Map Set, which probably costs more than a Nuvi bought in Canada that has the maps you want already installed.Car GPS Sat Nav Hiking GPS Speed Camera Apple Ipod Apple Mac Photography Child Car Seats Technology Bluetooth Hands Free Kits Pocket PC Psion How To Podcast Big Boys Toys DIY Dodger Not News Our Online Shop Ok, a word of warning before we start.

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