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You can burn video in SD (standard resolution) format onto DVD.Due to the limitations of DVD discs, the maximum resolution for DVD is 720x480 NTSC (or 720x576 PAL).

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A project file will not contain your actual videos, edits etc.., but instead provides a reference to your files, their location on your drive and any editing that may have been saved within that particular project.

No, If you prefer, simply drag and drop your "Edited Clip" in the burn section and begin burning.

Because Sense Key error codes are generated by the DVD drive, the actual code meanings can only be obtained from the drive manufacturer.

In an effort to cover every possibility, we recommend you follow the steps listed below to prevent future Sense Key errors: \Documents\VHS to DVD The default ‘save’ directory can be customized by changing the 'Output Folder' setting located in the "Record Settings" section of the Capture Screen.

All-in-one solution #1 Bestselling all-in-one video converter software and hardware solution * U. consumer video editing category, NPD 2008 Report Provides everything you need to easily convert your video to DVD.

Direct X 9.0 or higher Windows Media Player 6.4 (or higher) Quick Time Player for MOV CD Writer for VCD, SVCD DVD Writer for DVD Blu-ray Writer for Blu-ray Disc IEEE1394 cable for DV/HDV camcorder (optional) In select cases the program will not detect an internet connection.

After completing the registration form, you will receive an 8-digit product-registration key - please write it down.

To complete the registration, select Product Registration from the (? A window will open allowing you to enter your 8-digit registration key.

Typically you will use the same setting that you used with the 'Change Video Standard' application.

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