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So, first THANKS again, this has been driving me crazy looking for these codes.

But next, if you have any insight into what the "Preset ( /-)" codes might be, I'd be very grateful.

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The receiver has a large two way direction knob for this function.2) The "true" DSP function EFC; the set up code 1388 has a function for the DSP key, however it only togglle switches the signal input from Analog/Digitial.

I am trying to find the EFC to access the actual DSP function.

The above codes did not work on the OFA, using set up code 1388.

I tried 1309 under another device, and no response, and the above codes still did not work.

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It may be that your Kameleon doesn't support 5 digit codes as they are a bit newer.

Also re the 1309, there is already an existing code 1309, and it may be that you downloaded the "real" 1309 which would not work.

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