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Catalog = a list of the files/folders/dates/etc backed up WITHIN a backup file that BUE created. If the catalog has expired in the BUE database, then you'll need to run a catalog on the backup media in order to restore files from them. Inventory = when run against a Library or Backup-to-Disk-Folder will inventory that location looking for backup files and listing them along with what media set they are in (and therefore when/if they are overwriteable, appendable, etc.).

So, let's say you have an LTO tape from 2 years ago.

You'd insert it, then run an Inventory on the tape library/drive.

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This will add the directory structure of the data on the tape to the restore tree.

An inventory and catalog must be performed on all tapes to be included in a search.

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The inventory will complete and should display the correct tape name.

Select the correct tape drive/robotic library slot. Right-click on the tape drive/robotic library slot and select Inventory.

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An Inventory is the process of mounting media in the drive and reading the media label, which is then displayed in the Devices view. When cataloging a tape, Backup Exec reads the header information from the tape and stores it in a file on the hard drive.

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