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The DVD map player is located underneath the front passenger seat, and installing the new map DVD looks to be a simple process. Given the fact that the company had a deal with Mazda for these factory systems, that update price is definitely gouging owners.

Like when we used to have keys and had to turn the keyhole back then, we would put it in position 2 and not position 3.

Just connect the battery to a portable battery back or trickle charger if you have one.

I recently bought a used car with all of the technology bells and whistles.

This included a nice navigation system integrated into the car.

If any of the interior is dirty, clean it with mild soap or an Acura cleaning product such as Leather & Vinyl Cleaner (P/N 08700-9214A) or Carpet Spot Remover (P/N 08700-9215A). Be sure to place the eyelets in the driver’s and front passenger’s floor mats over the anchors in the floor and turn the knobs clockwise to the lock position. The anchors for those mats are under the front seats. This vehicle comes with either a conventional flooded lead acid (FLA) battery or the new absorbent glass mat (AGM) battery, depending on the trim level.

Here is the breakdown: Each battery type has its own uniquely tuned charging and battery management systems, therefore cannot be interchanged.Serious damage can result if you select Standard Battery (FLA).Also, make sure the negative battery lead is connected to the negative battery post.I use the system all the time and find it to be a great option.I have noticed that the maps presented by the system are not very current, so I checked into getting updated maps.Most dealers update their vehicles using this method. Also odd when you go to this link: NA/USD They don't take you to v3 when you select 2016 TLX.

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