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For a quick test of an old house, turn on the hot water.

If the pressure is low, the house probably has galvanized pipes that have corroded and plugged up. The house could have good pressure in the hot-water lines, but still have unseen galvanized-pipe problems.

Whether you're installing brand new kitchen cabinets or looking to refurbish existing ones, the range of available kitchen cabinet styles can seem overwhelming at first.

Exploring the most common options and keeping a few helpful pointers in mind will help you choose the style that's right for your home.

Maxfield says to look under the sinks to get some understanding -- often, plumbers run new pipes up through the floor under the sink instead of through the wall, he says, so you can see where there is new plumbing.

If the house has a crawl space and you're not too discomfited by going into it, you can get a better picture of the plumbing status.

Anytime copper piping has been attached to galvanized pipes, dielectric coupling is required to stop the corrosion caused by dissimilar metals touching.

Unfortunately, these junctions may be hidden inside the walls.

In fact, if you are looking at a house from that era or earlier, chances are it probably has had so many problems that it's already undergone substantial re-plumbing.

But in case they have not been fixed before, these are the two top plumbing concerns you are likely to find in most old houses.

Plastic, which became common in the 1980s, is durable, but can be crushed.

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