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However, this issue is something we are working on at Exova by nurturing engineering and management skills.

The application of current technology can reduce corrosion losses by 30%, which feeds back into an organization’s bottom-line performance and boosts productivity.

Financial Argument For Lifecycle Management High-performance corrosion-resistant alloys are certainly available, but they are expensive and unlikely to make an immediate, significant impact on the enormous preponderance of carbon steel pipelines, which account for 90% of the world’s stock.

We are putting major investment into this initiative because we believe it is in the long-term interests of our own business as well as the broader sector.

Taking Corrosion To Extremes In Brazil Managing corrosion in new territories and extreme environments is an area in which the industry is struggling because we don’t understand the challenge of these environments.

In some cases, costings can show that higher initial investment in better materials and technology can greatly reduce operational maintenance, and hence reduce overall costs over a project’s lifetime.

There are significant business benefits but sadly, many people simply aren’t aware of them.

The water depth challenges are complicated by high pressures and high temperatures as well as by the difficulties of drilling through the salt layer.

If these issues can be overcome, Brazil is on course to become one of the leading stakeholders in the oil and gas industry.

Need To Ensure Pipeline Longevity If equipment can be made to last longer as a result of good corrosion-management techniques, this will create greater profitability for the operator.

If you use carbon steel, you must nurse it by using good welds, good coatings, good cathodic protection and good material.

To bring the impurities down to levels below which they have a negligible effect on corrosion is not currently cost-effective.

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