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In the same series, Megan Mc Kenna was also accused of racism, after she labelled Tiffany a 'ghetto c***' in a foul-mouthed rant before screaming and hitting the cameras.The scenes shocked viewers with singer MC Harvey accusing her of showing her 'true colours' with the rant, which was peppered with swear words, while music star Jermaine Jackson added, 'We all know she wanted to say black'.#Echo Fall Out #BBUK', 'Did she just play the most unjustified race card of all time?!She believes everyone has the right to make money and to keep it.

Channel 5 declined to comment when approached by Mail Online.

Sukhvinder is an entrepreneur from Leeds and was raised in a Sikh family before marrying Imran in a Muslim ceremony aged just 17.

#BBUK', '#BBUK are they really playing the race card us and our Nigerian sisters they are truly disgusting ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL WHAT ARE YOU SAYING', 'I am a woc [woman of colour] and I think sukhvinder is an absolute a**hole I don't agree that it's a race thing she's an absolute asshole #BBUK'.

Outraged viewers wrote: 'Sukhvinder making it about her race when no1 said anything along those lines..

She will be able to mimic all the housemates accents - her website claims she is adept at cockney, posh, Somerset, Scottish and Irish accents - and can also pass for French, Spanish or Russian.

She and her siblings are known as 'the Hilton sisters of Bristol'.

Charley received a £25,000 payout in damages after being falsely accused of scamming men for sex.

Wag world She bragged about bedding Premier League footballers, using her footballer cousin Kieran Richardson as her passport to VIP parties.

He told her that she judged the Brian situation without seeing anything first-hand, asking if she would stick up for a friend knowing they were wrong.

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