Twins and dating

In their second large body of work since graduating in 2015, the Kaplans have moved on from painting highly explicit stills from leaked sex tapes—their portrait of Kim Kardashian was bought by Porn Hub, and hangs in their office—and have now started depicting leaked nude selfies, sourced from hacks like the Fappening.

In other words, the twins are currently profiting off of images that Jennifer Lawrence, who herself was victimized by the hacks (which have targeted almost exclusively women), has called a “sex crime.”The twins have another word for it, though.

Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Welcomes Twins Ronaldo has been dating Georgina Rodriguez for months, and the couple made their red carpet debut earlier this year at the Best FIFA Football Awards in January.

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The series, they say, is instead all about “sexploitation"—an effort to re-frame their work as a commentary on pop culture and its fascination with social media, intimacy, and sex.

When I asked if they thought they were objectifying the women they’ve most recently painted, Allie simply said, “I think we’re objectifying ourselves, too.”From there the twins ran down what sounded like a checklist of buzzwords—”reclaiming,” “changing the gaze,” “more empowering,” were just some of the phrases they called out—but their message seems to be this: There’s nothing wrong with taking a photo of yourself and sending it to someone because you think you look great—a point they’ve chosen to illustrate exclusively with celebrities they believe would stand by that message, like Ratajkowski, who studied fine art and is a vocal advocate of body positivity, and Rose, whose annual Slut Walk aims to end rape culture by reclaiming some of its tropes along the way. (Their first studio was a room in the basement of their boyfriends’ apartment as their studio.) (Yes, they were dating two boys who lived together.)Sick of the New York art world’s snobbishness, they ended up selling the paintings on Instagram, preferring to avoid the conventional gallery route, which they’d gotten a taste of while Lexi worked at the New Museum for a year, as Allie interned at Chelsea's Paul Kasmin Gallery and Christie’s, the latter of which “sucked the life out of” her.

Although initial reports indicated that Ronaldo was expecting twin boys, the proud papa is shown with one infant in a blue romper and another in a pink dress.

The soccer star has not confirmed the sexes or names of the babies yet.

I’d planned to accompany them to the “Female Gaze” exhibition, given that, lately, they’ve been painting exclusively nude female celebrities, but the twins decided they’d “definitely” like to tour the entire museum, which they’d been wanting to go to, they proclaimed, for “forever."“We have time,” they said simultaneously. The many instances of twinned speech that followed included “just us,” when I asked if they have any other siblings; “our entire lives,” when I asked how long they’ve been making art; “be your own person,” when they recalled the advice they’d received after deciding to study studio art at New York University; and “the female body,” which they’re most attracted to when it comes to painting.

Just like their voices, Lexi and Allie are virtually indistinguishable; the only way I could tell their Olsens-like long blonde hair and five-foot frames apart was because one wore a studded rhinestone Hello Kitty choker (Allie), and the other had sunglasses propped on her head (Lexi).

Otherwise, both were wearing white sneakers with paint-spattered, light-washed jean jackets.

By now, it probably has struck you that the Kaplans can be cloyingly—and annoyingly—provocative. Even though they proclaim that "we don't take ourselves too seriously," the twins, who’ve carefully engineered their shared presentation down to the matching text on the backs of their matching jackets ("make me famous”), were in town to talk to New York galleries seeking to represent them on the east coast.

“I’m sure people bought them for some sort of fetish, but that’s what we’re commenting on and what we’re playing into, and we can’t control that,” Allie said.

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