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Vet schools can't afford to maintain large herds of horse that they "might" use for a research project sometime down the road.

Colleges with riding programs will take horses for use in lessons, but if the horse doesn't work out, it will get sold or given away.

I do think that sometimes people think that a donated horse will live out their life in a happy herd, maybe being used for students to learn how to do basic physical exams, or non-invasive experiments.

Horses in research programs are treated very well, both due to stringent regulations associated with animal research, but also the research results won't be useful if the horses aren't cared for properly!

The horse will be handled with dignity and respect..may offer a clue to treatments or cures.

Watching a horse slowly waste away is very painful, and sometimes a loving owner misses the sign that it's time to let go which can lead to prolonged pain, grief, suffering and guilt.

It totally depends on the program that the horse goes to.

Honestly, I would say most horses donated to research programs get euthanized.

I have no idea what research she was used for, but apparently someone got her out just in time. University's often hire a "bare- minimum" of staff. I remember one particularly vicious mare who lamed 2 horses, and was out in the paddock.

The retirement home had another mare who was used for embryo transfer. She corned one of the other horses and kicked the living daylights out of her.

Does anyone know what happens to a horse or pony after it is donated? When I was in grad school at a college with a veterinary school, there were several different research groups that needed equine donations.

I understand very well trained ones are used in riding programs, but what about the rest? Horses in the exercise physiology program were used in studies on an equine treadmill, there was a broodmare band for the vet students to learn how to foal out a mare, and there was a variety of different research projects.

Then, add on top of that we thought "Hey, perhaps we could HELP other horses by giving this one life." Did we love him? We spent almost 2 years attempting to save him and rehabilitate a horse that had been starved down and emotionally abused.

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