Top chef winner dating

Brooke Williamson won the season 14 finale of Top Chef on Thursday night with an elaborate meal of oysters, octopus and pork and beans.

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The newlyweds are honeymooning in Colombia, adds the source.

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Shirley made a local snapper crudo with chili soy vinegar and crispy shallots.

Brooke's dish seemed to win the judges favor by a small margin.

How are they going to portray me, and how will things be edited?

But, overall, I’m very happy with the show and the quality of what I put out. AE: So, I read that you are Court of Master Sommelier Certified, which sounds super impressive by the way. AE: Did you ever get to pair wine with your food on the show? On the show, we were just mainly focused on the food. AE: The first part of the finale airs tonight, and I just want to say, this is probably the only time in my whole history of watching that I can remember genuinely liking all of the finalists, which is so crazy.The judges 'couldn't taste the camomile' at all while they raved over Shirley's pudding.'This was my favourite dish of the night,' Padma told her.Brooke hugged Shirley after being named Top Chef and celebrated with her mother and a glass of champagne.There was no wine situation, other than Restaurant Wars. I think we were too busy cooking to worry about the wine. MK: [Laughs] You know, I think my mom would definitely be into it. And you guys are kind of killing me, because I like you all so much.We had some wine involved there, but I was on the back end. AE: Did it ever drive you crazy to see somebody drinking, like, a chardonnay that you thought would pair horribly with your food? Your mom is so cute and she was hilarious, and supportive, and she really seemed to take to the cameras like a pro, so I think what you should do is pitch a Bravo spinoff show for our readers today. She was so nervous initially, with all the cameras, and then afterwards she was like, “When are we gonna do it again? ” She absolutely loved it, and I think that would be a really cool pitch. (I mean that in the best way.) I’m wondering if there’s anything you can tell me about the finale? Now I’m looking to open a restaurant, and just kind of go bigger, and do things that challenge me more.

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