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I am young and energetic, have fair color, Black eyes and brown hairs.

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My hobbies are shopping at least one time in a week, Reading fashion magazines and funny jokes, Watching romantic Bollywood ...

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Is it better to shave off all your pubic hair or to keep most of it and teenahers it.

Hello friends everyone, I am Bhakti here from Bangalore, Karnataka.

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Having sex is a big responsibility because yes, there is always a chance teemagers could go awry.

Finally, for all its magic, sex can have a downside, such as an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases STD.

The Pill is covered by most health insurance plans, but that may not be an easy option fod you are on your parents' plan.

Sex is about trust, respect and intimacy, so there are a bunch of telugu girls for dating for teenagers ways that you can have sex. It's impossible to separate the act of sex from the person you're doing it with—or the person you are.

Your boyfriend needs to understand that's important to you.

Tell them, "I really like you, but I'm just not ready for this.

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