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Joe’s stay with Camilla lasted from October 2008 to July 2009 when Camilla dumped him for Robert Pattinson.

Joe first described popular singer cum actress Demi as her little sister, and after a few weeks, they started dating and shocked the world.

When Rivers pointed out that Taylor apparently wrote three songs about their breakup, older bro Kevin quickly piped in and said, "We still haven't seen the royalty check.

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Taylor swift dating jonas

The relationship between Joe and Taylor Swift was always on the news.

The breakup was dramatic, and she had written some songs on him.

He said that it was his first serious relationship and he stayed single for nearly two years after that.

Blanda is a Swiss artist, and Joe started dating her in Nov 2012.

He became a songwriter for a lot of famous singers, and ultimately, in 2014, he formed his new band DNCE and brought out their debut album Cake By The Ocean in 2015.

Joe Jonas has a very charming personality, and girls are drawn towards him for his good looks.

cohost grilled the boys about everything from Taylor Swift to Miss Universe to...a sex tape?!

"Joe, you're the one who dumped Taylor Swift," noted Rivers."I think it's me and a few others, but yeah," replied the 24-year-old.

Joseph Adam Jonas, popularly known as Joe Jonas is a popular American singer.

He was a part of the band Jonas Brothers formed with his brothers Kevin and Nick.

Joe confessed that she is the one who took away his virginity.

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