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Chaperon 2007; Dorlin 2006; Edelman 2003; Edelman,...[5] They are often associated with anthropological and sociological research, and are prepared to rub shoulders with philosophy, as the articles collected here suggest.

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Some historians and sociologists have, to be sure, been pointing out for years that doctors, whether male and female, shaped by the modes of thought of their times and sensitive to contemporary demands, may differ on many issues, participating, at whatever their degree of power, in the construction of interpretative systems and representations likely to be subjects of controversy and debate.

Pestre 1995; Velle 1998.[6] Gender is therefore a very rich seam of thought with which to study, analyse, and question medical practice and knowledge, doctors and their patients, since gender is a way of thinking of the world, and a concept whose introduction has enabled us to bring to historical research conceptual tools aiming to strip the veil from the social construction of sex differences, and thus to grasp the political dimension of domination as between men and women.

In a study that remains important for historians of psychiatry, Foucault argued that the alienists of the nineteenth century did not usher in an age of progress by comparison with the practices of the : on the contrary, they prolonged, under cover of a medical approach, the process of exclusion first begun in 1656 when royal authorities began locking the insane away.

This thesis was forcefully challenged in 1977 by the psychiatrist Gladys Swain in co-authored with the philosopher Marcel Gauchet.

This debate underlined the participation of doctors in political power in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, a phenomenon which Foucault continued to analyse in what he called “bio-power”, showing how closely politics adhered to the behavioural norms dictated by doctors, and the demographic control they allowed.

We might recall that obstetrics was the first specialism of choice for French doctors, slightly ahead of psychiatry.Anthologie des perversions féminines au XIXe siècle (Véronique Mottier) Les articles présentés dans ce numéro apportent des éclairages sur les processus contemporains de construction sociale du plaisir sexuel féminin dans l'hétérosexualité, et la mise en perspective de ces nouveaux résultats, au regard du texte précurseur d'Anne Koedt, souligne la persistance des rapports de domination de sexe et de classe tout en donnant à voir les recompositions à l'oeuvre. En particulier, l'analyse de l'accès limité des femmes au plaisir dans la sexualité ne doit pas nous empêcher de questionner la nouvelle injonction sociale au plaisir sexuel.La sexualité est en effet appréhendée dans les pays riches sous l'angle de la santé et du bien-être, dans une tentative de dépassement de la "sexualité-risque", mais en revanche la sexualité devient le conduit majeur de la réalisation de soi, et cette forme de réalisation prend à son tour un caractère d'obligation sociale. This is a list with redlinks; we call it a Redlist but others might refer to it as a Work List or a Task List. Our scope is women's biographies, women's works, and women's issues, broadly construed.Foucault developed this line of thought in his lectures at the Collège de France, Foucault 19.[8] where in 1970 he inaugurated a course on sexuality, a course of which gender specialists have noted both the great richness and the near-total absence of a gendered dimension.

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