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With nothing found north of here he notes the possibility that it might have been a branch road leading off a north-south route following an older line of road than the A713 that could have led to the coast.

To the north it could have run to the Ayrshire coast though he did not think the road running near Dalmellington was of that date.

The paper is particularly useful as an example of how such analysis can throw light on the development of early routes before advances in road making, drainage etc made dependence on geography much less.

This paper gives a detailed account of the course of the road through Dumfriesshire from the River Sark to March Burn north of Moffat, noting where remains of the road can still be seen and discussing the possible route where traces have been lost.

The author lists these discoveries and discusses the extent to which the Romans might have penetrated further into Upper Nithsdale and to the west.

Looking at a possible route to the west from Carronbridge he notes a tradition that a road ran westwards up the Shinnel Water near to Tynron, over to Dalquhair (NX6599) and Polwhat Rig (NS6002).A discovery of a marble head at Hawkshaw (2 miles east of Moffat to Edinburgh Road and 9 miles north of Moffat) well off the line of the Roman road running north to Crawford suggested there might be a road near Hawkshaw.In searching for a road they followed a short stretch out of the south gate at Castledykes and then over Carmichael Hill to Howgate Farm and Howgate itself noting features suggestive of a road.The author gives an account of a search for two Roman roads in Dumfriesshire.One may have led from Glenlochar through Milton to Dalswinton and the author refers to the previous paper that had traced its course west of Milton, noting that although it had not been thought to be Roman, an air photograph suggested that further investigation might be justified.Assuming the fortlet implies the presence of a road, he suggests a possible course would have been from Durisdeer up between Dalpeddar Hill and Auchensow Hill then fairly directly past Bankhead towards Corsincon Hill.

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