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I then felt her arms around my neck, trying to pull our mouths even closer together.

My hands found their way to her slender hips and she moaned into my mouth.She looked up at me and her hands reached up to my shirt buttons. Her hands slid down my trouser legs until she reached my feet. I did so and she removed my shoe and sock, and then she did the same with my other foot, placing both shoes with socks tucked in carefully at the side.She started undoing them from the top as I looked down between her arms at her nipples which were fully erect and probably a centimetre long. She then raised her hands to my belt carefully undoing it followed by the button and zip.Reaching the bed Helene turned and sat down.“You have me at a disadvantage, Phil.You are still fully dressed.”“Well you better do something about it then,” I said.”She took half a step nearer.“Now,” she said as she raised her right hand. She tasted divine as our tongues fought, first in my mouth and then in hers as I became bolder.

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