dani campbell and romi klinger dating - Speed dating for rabbits

Not all vets have the ability to care for rabbits, which are considered in the vet world to be exotic pets.And while a vet may say they take rabbits, if they aren't very experienced caring for rabbits, they could miss something.

Bringing a bunny (or bunnies) into your home for the first time can be daunting.

Rabbits are often misunderstood, leaving well-meaning bunny parents confused at times.

If your lonely bunny is looking for a friend, many places offer bunny speed dating because -- like people -- not all rabbits like each other.

And the best news is you barely have to do anything.

Alfalfa hay is good for baby bunnies, but it is very high in calories and should be avoided for adults.

Place the fresh hay on top of their litter box about two or three times a day (it's that easy).Rabbits are naturally clean animals who want to go in a specific place away from the rest of their living area.All you have to do is provide the box in a corner, place some absorbent bedding down (rabbit-specific cotton bedding available in pet stores works great), and put their hay on top. If you have a bunny that takes a little while to get the hang of it, place the pills that got on the floor in the litter box to show them and give them treats whenever they do get it right.Rabbits are also very naturally curious and like to chew on EVERYTHING.Prevent your furniture and baseboards from becoming victims by providing them with plenty of rabbit-friendly chew toys and activities.If you’re thinking about adopting one of these furry lovebugs for the first time, here are eight bunny basics to keep in mind.

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