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The value of such firms derives not from tangible equipment or commodities, but from their intellectual property, from the expertise of their high-skilled employees and, increasingly, their networks and brands.“Socialism” is a similarly problematic label, dating from the era of political struggles between newly-organised workers and the established economic elite. Or does it simply mean the state ownership of certain natural monopoly utilities?People are time-poor, and labels can be a useful shorthand when we all know roughly what is being referred to.

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The idea that Theresa May and the Conservatives are offering a set of policies that can be usefully summed up as “capitalism” and Labour are offering something entirely distinct called “socialism”, is fatuous.

There are certainly differences between the two major parties in their view of the proper borders between market and state within our mixed economy (bigger differences than there have been for several decades) – but their positions plainly still lie on a recognisable continuum.

The high unemployment among the youth, in Europe especially, also has driven younger women to now seek older men for husbands who are (1) mature and not addicted to video games, and (2) have the means to support a family.

Other studies are uncovering interesting facts about age differences. Perhaps the natural balance was the way things were before Socialism.

In Japan, this has manifested into what is called the “celibacy syndrome” where girls are not interested even in dating no less marriage.

Now about 60% of eligible girls are not interested in dating.

Couples used to have several children for their retirement was the family unit.

When Socialism came into play, family size reduced dropping from an average of nearly 5 to 2.5.

The boy had to first become a man before he was ready for a wife.

What many girls complain about boys lacking maturity is often expressed that they are raised being told they can be independent whereas boys are raised these days telling them to have fun for there is plenty of time to settle down.

Since it launched Thursday, the site has racked up more than 4,930 members in search of Democratic Socialist baes.

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