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Yes troops on the north and south border, mass raids and deportation and make it a miserable place for illegals.

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But if you think you have a right to tell anyone else to open their wallets for them, *you* are the one on the high horse. The several million aliens who came to California illegally get tens of billions of dollars' worth of public services each year that the rest of us pick up the tab for. I guess I'm still waiting for some sort of sensible solution from our Conservative friends. As far as rounding up illegals, maybe we need to put a bounty on them $100 a head. In fact, Congress could mandate them by federal law, if enough U. voters wanted it to--and even now, it would take a constitutional amendment to make chain gangs illegal. In at least one state, the prisoners work on state-owned farms, and the profits from the produce help pay the cost of imprisoning them.

The Thirteenth Amendment prohibits involuntary servitude within the U. The minimum security prison the LASD runs in Lancaster, which I've been through, holds several thousand illegal aliens waiting to be deported.

This will never happen as Obama has just signed off on the North American Union idea that Bush started.

Oh and on the immigration reform issue that it takes to long.

The illegal immigrants do not want to abide by the union rules which require you to only work union jobs, which is a problem for the other union members. I insure all of them and 5 of them have an allowed mileage of under 2500 miles.... Horse Players .....they even made it easier for them once they allowed off track betting.....

let me think about this one registered driver in a house with 8 cars 2 boats like when am I gonna drive all of these .....they are going to dbl my registeration fees. now you can feed that habit almost anywhere and you don't even have to be near a racetrack........ and I will bet that ALL of my cars pass smog better than the average daily driver....... if you want the website drop me a line and I will send it to you or I'll post it......

I have no sympathy for the illegals and I won't bite on the oh they are just coming here for a better life.

Go home have a revolution and fix your own country.

They don't punish people who have worse ......presumably ..... there are some fat cats getting richer by this I Bet ...why pick on car people.... I know a man that bought one and I personally am on their mailing list....... they should go after the real crooks like Wall ST and Politicians and leave us small fries alone.............

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