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It's not like my husband and I ever made any hard and fast rules about flirting when we got married.We are full grown adults who like the idea of independence and equality, and we live full lives, with little time to review or reestablish trust that already, presumably, exists."Men will just keep trying," was his shrugging answer.

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When the guy from graduate school IMs me to say he likes my profile picture?

Should I drink the beer bought by an admirer, even though I initially declined the offer?

For the most part, I can say maturity and practicing good boundaries has made the impulse to flirt easier to control.

I have grown out of the need for connection, or maybe the need is being fulfilled in other ways.

Or the other guy, the out of town colleague who, also married with a kid, keeps inviting me on a yoga retreat — without our spouses or children. If I were a single woman, it would just make me a single woman.

If I'm not careful, several similar, more loaded flirtations can arise every week. But because I am married, the consequences stay with me, and over time, I start to see them when I look in the mirror. It's like wearing too many accessories on a simple little black dress. I became aware of this behavior when, one week, I had compartmentalized several incidents: an invitation from an out of town musician friend to come see him play in Chicago, a request to Skype with an old crush, and an attempted pick up at the gym.

When I was single, all of these circumstances were subject to whimsical responses.

Usually I'd say yes to the beer and say thanks to the online compliment.

Even on days when I can't muster more than sweats and lip gloss, he asks if I want "the regular." Yes, please I say, knowing he is talking about the tea drink he invented for me: chamomile, honey, vanilla, lavender, and just a drop of lemon.

I wonder, as he makes the drink, if other women in my place would feel more conflicted about taking such pleasure in a cute barista's attentions than I do. And, especially, I wonder If I could take it a bit further.

And although I always stop them, I know on some level they serve a need I thought I had convinced myself no longer exists. Morals aside, courting idle attentions I don't actually need distracts me from what my marriage thrives on: Presence. Maybe because things seemed to happen in threes, I reached a breaking point.

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