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Some of these usages disappeared as suitable icons were made but these newly made icons also acquired a usage not originally intended.

Another example deals with the astrological symbol for Libra (♎).

Then I realized I had a 70-mile-per-hour fastball,” says Cuban.

Competitive major league pitchers throw fastballs at 90-plus.

The Arise Platform provides the opportunity to start your own business operating a customer service call center from the comfort of your own home.

A Women in the Workplace report finds 63% of men and 49% of women think their organization is doing an OK job supporting gender diversity.

Now that the kids are back in school and the fall routine has begun your thoughts will, no doubt, soon go to holiday planning.

The months ahead will definitely be busy and filled with hustle and bustle.

The answer for a career that you love is registering to use the Arise Platform.

A new year means a new opportunity for you; 2018 is here and that means it is time for the tradition of New Year’s resolutions.

Instead, Cuban says to pay attention to the things you spend most of your time on, instead of what you’re passionate about. So many people don’t even like their jobs, let alone love them.

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