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When the show hit screens in 1966 he and Ward became overnight sensations, in what was the most expensive show on television at the time.

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I was bitter when I realised Batman had caused me to lose a lot of roles afterwards.” He turned increasingly to booze, triggering behaviour so bad that he was even barred from the posh ski resort of Aspen, Colorado, for life.

Heavy drinking even almost ruined a meeting with Pope Paul VI.

Crowdsourcing is the process of giving individual tasks to a large group, often involving open contests and enabled through multisectoral partnerships.

Here we describe one crowdsourced video intervention in which a video promoting condom use is produced through an open contest.

One exception, incredibly, was an offer in 1970 to take over from Sean Connery as the new James Bond.

But he turned down the role because he believed that the secret agent should be British. Despite a few bit-parts he soon found himself reduced to appearing in safety adverts and schlepping round for paid personal appearances.

The aim of this study is to determine whether a crowdsourced intervention is as effective as a social marketing intervention in promoting condom use among high-risk men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender male-to-female (TG) in China.

Method We evaluate videos developed by crowdsourcing and social marketing.

“I’d have young female co-stars in my dressing room at 7.45 in the morning.” In fact, West did once turn up at what he did describe as an “orgy” in Hollywood with Frank Gorshin, who played Batman baddie The Riddler. We were expelled from the orgy.” Meanwhile trusty Boy Wonder Ward, who is now 71, claimed West was definitely the ringleader when it came to their own adventures.

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