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Even without the cuddly firepower of Snoopy, Woodstock and the rest to exploit in the mass market, he took Andy to the very top of this hugely-competitive tree, and maintained his place there alongside Schulz for over 40 years.

Achieving that level of success with a foreign strip in the vast American market makes him even more remarkable.

His face has been used to sell not only the crisps, canned beer and homebrew kits youd expect, but also cookbooks, boxer shorts, Royal Doulton figurines, phonecards, disposable cameras and babies bibs.

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That severely limits his appeal as a subject for heart-warming Christmas TV specials, childrens birthday cards or corporate branding campaigns, and yet the strip has still found its way to the very top tier of global success.

the way, Smythe proved himself a far more subtle, innovative and stylish cartoonist than hes generally given credit for.

me, then, the real comparison is between Andy Capp and Charles Schulzs Peanuts.

Peanuts ended with Schulzs death in 2000, by which time hed produced close to 18,000 Peanuts strips over a fifty-year span, but has continued in reruns ever since.Chic Young began Blondie in 1930, writing and drawing the strip right up to his death in 1973, when his son Dean took over.That gives Chic a 43-year tenure, edging out Smythes 41, and Blondie a total lifespan to date of 82 years against Andys 55.If we restrict the field to strips drawn by their original creator, Hagar drops still further out of contention, as Dik Browne died and was replaced by his son after only 16 years on the strip.leaves just Peanuts and Blondie, and here I must admit the statistics have Andy Andy on any measure you care to take, whether that be creators tenure, syndication reach, total readership, merchandising income, international sales or adaptions in other media.

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