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As I left the office hysterically upset, I felt that I was judged and that sure, if my life plan was to have children in my twenties, then I would have done that!I felt that I was letting my husband down and that I was not giving him a chance at parenthood.

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I was successful all three times, however I miscarried each time, and the furthest I got was almost seven weeks.

It is the most frustrating thing to have happen because just when you think you are successful, it happens again.

was a traditional Italian girl who had my whole life planned out: the university, Teachers College, marriage, and children.

Everything was great; I accomplished everything I wanted to do except get married early and have children.

Our engagement was not long and drawn out because we really knew that we wanted to be together. Because Mark and I were a little older (not 20 something) and we wanted to start a family sooner than later, I decided to make an appointment to see my family doctor.

Mark and I have never had children so I wanted to make sure that everything was okay.

My husband has been very supportive through this all; he is an amazing man, my gift from above. Mark never says no to me and whatever I want to do to try to help improve my chances, he supports.

Schedule an Appointment Today I continue to put my faith and trust in my medical team at Shady Grove Fertility, and I believe that eventually I will hold that baby in my arms.

My test results revealed high FSH levels with low ovarian reserve.

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