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(I know, I promised never to speak of these—SORRY, DAD.) I guess it's because of my dad that I find most travel guides completely useless, because they don't prepare you for these sorts of scenarios.They tell you where to find clamshells the size of your hand.

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A crusty sea captain and his Aussie friend sat together working on a crossword ("Five letters for drunk," the sea captain said), and Ian and I introduced ourselves and asked about somewhere nice to go hike and camp.

The captain, who said his name was Frank the Tank, instructed us to visit some abandoned military bunkers.

The only real rules are (1) be flexible, and (2) ask the locals. Used to be you didn't need a Discover Pass for the right to park on all state lands, but then the legislature decided state parks should have no taxpayer funding, so be a bro and toss them the 30 bucks.

Here, without further ado, are some trips I took which will inspire you to either grab a rucksack and hit the road like a latter-day beat poet, or never leave your house again.

If you're willing to spend more money than I did, you could have an even more excellent-y time.

Travel for me is most fun if it's low-expectation and dirty and off-the-grid—but don't worry, if you prefer a standard of living above that of apes or weevils, just fire up the old internet and find a nice B&B with "nice meals" and "beds." I found a few here and there for you, and even stayed in one in Walla Walla, but I heartily encourage you to embrace the adventure and find your own.After acquiring some solid flashlights, we made for the bunkers.After a brief hike up a field and through a forest, we came to Battery Kinzie, a huge complex with rusted iron doors locked with an arcane mechanism (probably used to keep out ghosts or gnomes).y buddy Ian studied fluvial geomorphology, which is really fun to say, and so for our Port Townsend adventure he suggested we go by way of Deception Pass to see Puget Sound tidewaters swirling around as they mix with the Strait of Juan de Fuca.To get to Deception Pass, we drove north on I-5 from Seattle and had breakfast and coffee in Mount Vernon at Ristretto (416 S First St, 360-336-0951), which had a killer bagel sandwich.Our bartender chimed in that we should visit a "nude beach at the end of the world," and she drew us a map. A matted-grass path followed the cliff side and continued almost straight down the clay slope—someone thoughtful (and naked, I guess) had tied a line from the top tree all the way down to the beach.

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