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She had decided to tell her story, and she wanted to tell it to me.

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I also made one mention of the trial on my News Sentinel blog.

Then, last week, on the day after Erin Mc Lean's children were removed from her in Austin, Texas, where she is now living, and returned to their paternal grandparents' care in Tennessee, I was extremely surprised to hear from Erin again.

Like everyone else in Knoxville, I was shocked by the crime.

The March 10, 2007, shooting death of teenager Sean Powell took place only a few blocks from my own family's home, as well as my office at WBIR, Channel 10.

She says that Eric Mc Lean, who would become her husband and the father of her children, was a "brilliant" and "gorgeous" slightly older boy, who played in an up-and-coming local indie rock band.

Erin recalls that she had very low self esteem, and was in awe that someone as exciting and interesting as Eric Mc Lean would take an interest in her.

I told Lisa White that I had not heard from Erin in many months, and had no idea where she was.

But I did give her the e-mail address I'd used in the past to communicate with Erin, and I e-mailed Erin Mc Lean to let her know that Lisa White was trying to reach her in order to make a plan on behalf of the Mc Lean children.

Erin Mc Lean and I then again lost touch, and I assumed I would never hear from her again, and that the information she had shared with me would never ultimately become public, as she had never agreed that any of the material was on the record. Now, as a citizen observer, as well as a News Sentinel op-ed blogger, I watched and read coverage of Eric Mc Lean's trial last month in Knox County Criminal Court.

In August of this year, I left my position as an online producer with WBIR, and took a job in business development with E. I was somewhat shocked by the jury's verdict of reckless homicide, a lesser charge.

By her mid-teens, Erin Myers was living in Knoxville.

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