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Numerous federal civil lawsuits have been filed exposing alleged drunken management, sexual harassment, age discrimination, nepotism, and more including lavish lifestyles while employees only make a fraction of the money. Kring of Traverse City – former northern Michigan boss of two television stations – TV 9 & 10, WWTV/WWUP Traverse City/Cadillac (CBS affiliates) – that serves 23 counties in the northern Lower Peninsula and three counties in the eastern Upper Peninsula.In fact, Kring filed the federal suit against three Delaware corporations in the Michigan media business: Heritage Broadcasting Company of Michigan, Inc.; Heritage Broadcasting Group, Inc.; and MICI, Inc.

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(Jonathon Gruenke/Kalamazoo Gazette) Heritage is a wholly owned subsidiary of MICI, a holding company, which is owned and controlled by Mario Iacobelli and his family; Mario Iacobelli served as Heritage’s president and the chairperson of its board of directors.

In 2008/2009, at a Heritage board of directors’ meeting at an Arizona country club, Mario Iacobelli offered Kring an equity interest in the family’s various mobile home park businesses.

William Kring, General Manger has announced a leave of absence.

David Karpicke will assume the role of General Sales Manager and remain as Local Sales Manager.

At the hotel, Kring invited a number of employees to his room to gather and drink champagne, the lawsuit states.

Only one female employee accepted his invitation Kring and the female employee talked and drank champagne and at approximately a.m., according to the suit.

On January 28, 2016 Mario Iacobelli requested that Kring come over to his condominium in Cadillac to discuss some business matters. Heritage required Kring to go to a “Substance Abuse Professional” for an evaluation and to complete a “treatment program” as specified by the substance abuse professional Heritage stated that, “Although the parties have not determined if certain sexual harassment allegations are with merit, Employee will also be referred to a Professional Counselor to be evaluated for counseling.”Heritage further told Kring the following: “After Employer receives written certification of Employee’s successful completion of the treatment programs to which he is referred, Employer shall determine if it will terminate or continue the Employee’s employment.”On February 16, 2016 Kring sent a text message to Heritage advising it of the results of the substance abuse evaluation and provided it with a copy of Moser’s evaluation.

In addition, Kring informed Heritage of his ongoing counseling/treatment program with Prince.

Kevin Dunaway Vice President of News and Business has been with Heritage Broadcasting for the last 17 years.

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